Our Vision & Mission

Deen Dayal Upadhyay Government Post Graduate College, Sitapur is a government institution with a vision to achieve excellence in higher education, and to strive for empowerment through knowledge, inclusive growth for socio-economic change and sustainable development.


Our institution, a temple of higher education, possesses all the tools to carve, shape and beautify each and every disciple stepping into it. We focus to prepare every student to grow as an intellectual, logical, trust worthy, self-dependent and courageous in all walks of life.


The mission of the institute is :-

To equip and empower students with relevant knowledge, skills, competence and creativity to face global challenges and be a global citizen. To focus on personality development by inculcating the skills of problem solving, leadership and interpersonal communication along with taking care of personal health and well-being. To ensure that students reach 100% potential by imparting value education encouraging positive attitude towards life and its problems so that they build a strong character. To create awareness of human rights and inculcate national spirit & respect for our rich cultural heritage.