College Library

The library of Deen Dayal Upadhyay Post Graduate College, Sitapur UP is serving efficiently the needs of its users. The college library has good collection of books to cater the needs of students and teachers. We have a nice collection of reference books in the stream of Humanities, Science and Commerce. We have nearly two thousands reference books. We also have some collection of rare books in the stream of Humanities. We do not have collection of manuscripts etc. We are trying to take collection of rare documents from those public libraries where the facility of conservation and preservation is not available. We are also planning to contact from various Non Government Organizations to donate reference material such as research reports, social surveys etc. to strengthen our reference section. Many renowned persons such as doctors, lawyers, academicians of the town told us to donate the books for the library, hope we will find the same very soon. We are in touch with Hindi Sabha Sitapur and Purushottam Rajarshi Tandon Hindi Sansthan, Lucknow to get the collection of Hindi books and also other books in Hindi language. We are in the process of automation of library. After automation of our library we are planning to make a union catalogue of all the Public libraries, Academic libraries and Special libraries of the Sitapur and Khairabad towns to provide the good collection to the society.

Library Gallery